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Meridian Hypnosis offers a natural, well-researched and powerful method for people to achieve weight loss, quit smoking, conquer pain, accelerate learning, manage stress and anxiety, and much more.

What People Are Saying about Meridian Hypnosis

Mark and Irena are amazing! Whatever your goal, they can help you reach it by helping you to utilize your most important tool–your mind!


Mark was extremely professional and I believe everyone should go for a consultation! I learned more about myself in two hours than I thought was even possible! Will be going back!!!


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Our method is refiend by more than 25 years of experience and dozens of hypnsosis clinics helping people break free from negative and destructive patterns, beliefs, and habits.

Your individual hypnosis training is crafted to work wit your unique experience, personality, and learning style.

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Reduce Stress

Conquer Pain

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In order to be accepted as a client, you must first attend a free screening. We offer a friendly, free, sit down chat with you and a Master Hypnotist. We will discuss your needs and how long it might take for you to reach your goal. If it's determined that hypnosis will not benefit you, we will tell you so. It takes about 45 minutes, is fun, informative, and it can change your life. Make sure you ask about our "Stay With You" and our "100% Money Back, No Risk" Guarantee.

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